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Yoga Therapy/Individual Yoga Sessions


For those interested in really exploring their personal yoga practice...

In addition to being a holistic psychotherapist, I'm a Professional Level Yoga Teacher,  with a 500-hour Certification to teach yoga to individuals and groups. And I have been teaching for the past 18 years. 

I offer one to one yoga sessions at my practice office. Sessions run 75-90 minutes and begin with an individual assessment of the student's health and physical condition and discussion of the person's past and present involvement doing exercise physical activity and exercise.

Then, based on my student's interest and ability, we explore stretches, postures and yoga breathing techniques that would be most suitable and beneficial and tailored for the individual student. For those who are already yoga students, we discuss the postures that are challenging and other that the student prefers and then see what the connection is between their preferences and their ability/difficulty doing each one.

This exploration often transcends the physical limitations that cause the challenge and often include the psychological reasons that certain postures bring up a sense of hesitation, resistance or fear. Conversations that ensue often enlighten the students about their beliefs and can assist them in having profound insights! 

For those interested in developing their own yoga practice at home, I will custom design a yoga program that enables students to improve flexibility, increase strength, range of motion and gain maximum benefit!

To discover yoga's benefits and design your own individual practice, call Joan at 516-522-0573

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