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About Yoga Over Easy

Yoga Over Easy is a philosophy and approach to practice that emphasizes the importance of patient, mindful practice, both on and off the yoga mat and meditation cushion.

It's about going easy, (even when life isn't) being gentle and compassionate and finding space within to stretch beyond what you've imagined is possible.

When we learn to be present in each moment of our lives, we cultivate a deep awareness and profound appreciation of our common human experience.

For it is from that place of shared understanding that profound transformation can occur.  To learn about our Program Director, Joan Stenzler,  



Joan Stenzler, is a Professional Level Yoga teacher who
studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health from
1999-2008 and completed her 500-Hour Certification.

Joan teaches community yoga classes, meditation workshops and programs to residents of NYC and LI that enhance health and well-being. Her programs are educational and transformative,  weaving in concepts from the great spiritual traditions. offering a whole person approach to practice and to life.


As a holistic psychotherapist, Joan recognizes the importance of paying focused attention in our relationships and places great emphasis on creating welcoming, nurturing environments in each program to ensure that students feel supported, acknowledged and able to deeply relax.

To learn more about Joan's classes, workshops and programs, feel free to contact her at 

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