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We're glad that you found our website and hope to 
have you join one of our classes in the near future!

 Our yoga classes and educational workshops are taught with enthusiasm, inspiration and a love of yoga. Each session you 
attend becomes another opportunity to create more health 
and wholeness in your life!

We offer Yoga, Meditation,Stress Management and Wellness programs at convenient community settings, colleges and universities, hospitals and health-minded businesses.

Kripalu Yoga, which is our tradition, invites students to enter into the yoga experience in a way that feels comfortable, supportive and fun! (See Yoga and Meditation Page for more Information)

It is our intention to create a conscious learning space in which you can slow down, relax and tune into the gifts of the present moment, whatever it might hold. 

Our programs are designed to provide you with opportunities for deep opening of body, mind and spirit and promote a sense of ease and well-being.

While working with us, you will learn how to listen deeply and connect with your own inner wisdom, through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. These powerful practices 
help you open to deeper levels of awareness, release tension  and limitiing beliefs and learn to live in ways that help you feel 
more authentic, present and real!
We are here to be of service to you & do so with a commitment to providing outstanding, quality programs that inform, enrich & inspire! 

Call us to discuss bringing our programs to your office!

May each precious moment bring you much insight, wisdom and peace! Namaste! (I honor the Light within you!)

Joan Stenzler, LCSW, 
Yoga Over Easy, Program Dir
  Professional Level Yoga Teacher
  Contact #: 646-250-5379
​ yogashrink@nyc.rr.com

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